Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All Hail Maximum The Hormone!!

 Posted All Maximum The Hormone videos on his blog, cause some of it
was cut off by Youtube cause to GANAS . F**k you youtube as agreed by Millions.
Inception comes in handy now as I can dream, dream, dream,dream,...for many levels.

Minggu Ujian Bulanan dan Mamak

The first day of test is finally over. Additional Mathematics my predator has
finally be taken down and I hope to get at least a PASS then I'm happy go lucky
already. After test, makan kat mamak with Tian Yan and Yan Yan di Era Walk.
So, here I am having a nice cool bath on a hot malaysian day getting ready to enjoy
Chemistry,Physics and Moral for tomorrow's test. Yah! That's what i call LIFE!
Singing to Maximum The Hormone when taking test, see the maximum effect in me.
With hopes of getting A+ and many people with drivers license so that no more transportation
problems. LIFE is GREAT.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 11

The Finale of the Fifa World Cup for the year '10. After this fifa
there are no more nice major tournaments ad. D: Well, nothing can
compare to driving a MPV of my own ay?

-more passengers
-more music instruments
-more + better sound system with straight up metal songs
-more room to sleep in the car

The car above is what I drive, YAH! ITU DIA. KESAYAYNGANKU.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010




For 4 months oni can drive,dota and study.
Fifa gonna end soon, then it's all off to books. Yah,itu dia!
What's Up People, Uehara Futoshi, Ikenai Taiyou,etc. :D :D :D :D