Monday, April 26, 2010

Royal Pain in the butt.

I have this friend. Whom I think is a real pain in the butt to everyone in Facebook/Malaysia. C'mon seriously who in the hell would call u for 2
hours straight everyday talking to you about his/her religion. This dude here
practically calls me everyday talking to me about the bible and the end of
the world some sort saying lucifer wanna take earth back. If wanna tell me
stories also not everyday rite. Damn!! There's more, he's got a case of HIGH
BLOOD PRESSURE since he was like 11 yrs old. And since then he said
he had been praying so hard and yet no answers had been answered on facebook!!
Now he claims he see's things blur and gonna die?? Yo bastard, in school u
talk normal and flirting with girls all number 1. And don't talk to me about
your feelings and why u so sad crap. All those are bullshit. If you feel you wanna
die don't post it on facebook and let everyone like the post and comment on it.
Auntie Yeow (Pn.Yeow) that's what he calls her. If she see's u now she's gonna
pour sulphuric or either use hardened latex and stick it to ur mouth so that u can shut
ur damned mouth.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Swaz or Swap?

Such a sleepy class today at Mr.Lim talking bout electromagnetism
and some electrical stuff. Then, I saw STICKY TV which is only
available in Nz. She got chosen to play in a game stated above
with her friends. Oh, and praveen ur fav. 13 year old girl is in there.
:D Tomoro is essay writing paper and I'm off to the city of entertainment
for some Midnight Tune. :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time stoppers.

Haiz, after seeing what happen to our group now really getting people
down in the dumps. Richard went back to Nz, exams is just a few months
away and now I have family problems. Could this be any worst? Plus, my hopes
of completing GoW3 is now gone. D: but in the darkness at least there is
one song and 4 beautiful girls with their catchy dance moves that made me
and a few others feel the vibes and danced to it as well. Maybe, if everyone liked it.
We could even dance in public ay? Well, I really dunno what's gonna happen next.
A good conclusion or a bad one? Only the Almighty knows, so I'm just gonna
concentrate on what's the ultimate duty for e to do now. And that the certificate to
me and all of form 5 students future.:D

~when u feel down,just see the water droppings and clean the feelings out.~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

:D Aaron

Here's the plan. Went to suc today for some lunch and there was some
function going on. Saw mdm.loo and lee ka wy there. Food is very little though.
D: Then at 1.30 went to pao's house to start my journey as KRATOS. After a battle with
ease against poseidon and his horse-crab like thingys. Now i'm proceeding to slay
hades. But dvd want to play. And so he continued his journey and after 3 hours of dying
slaying a giant scorpion and 3-headed he came face 2 face with zeus. And I went back =.=
Then at night, he told me he finish the game. D: I will continue my journey soon enough. :DDD