Monday, November 16, 2009


Went to school today to get exam papers and the results
that we so waiting for before we have our long 6 weeks
of rest,relax and 100% pure enjoyment with friends you
could ask for. We sat in a group and start talking bout
maple, parties and all sorts of stuff to pass time.
Then mister messy came and we started to write
stuff on a piece of paper and wanted to create a song.
Many words, vocabularies and genius language used.
School ends and started our daily activities after school.

Birthday Bash!

On the 15th November every year. A handsome guy named
Mister Ko0ok celebrates with his family and friends.
We that consists of 15 peoples including kok himself
had celebrated his birthday in no other than JUSCO.
First me, arvind j and sum were at delifrance, then
we saw a familiar person walking across us. Guess who?
It's Soo. water splashing everywhere* then everyone came.
We got split up, some of us went to have lunch @ manhattan
some of us buying gifts and some of us are getting movie tickets.
Everyone gathered at manhattan after that and it's time for
the main chracter to open his gift. Everyone waited patiently
and the suspense is everywhere. He opened and the screams,yells
and laughter of all the happy people all around planet earth as a bottle
of clorox lemon flavoured was shown to the world.

Movie was a 4-star for me as i kinda believe in all these UFOs and stuff.
After movie, we headed for greenbox. Had a feel good time there.
Went back at 8 p.m.

Friday, November 6, 2009

-->Ocean Eyes Album
-->Owl City-Fireflies

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Freedom by Me!

Exams is done and over. We got 6 weeks of holidays to enjoy.
Maybe gonna go for a holiday of something, jamming with friends.
currently listening to mona lisa by aar.